“Si vis pacem, para bellum”




S3AFRICA is a fully licensed security services provider. Our new compound is located in close proximity just 1 km from the airport (Near KM4)

We have full in country capability to provide all services provided by S3AFRICA: Services


S3AFRICA provide a bespoke service, tailored to meet each client’s specific needs; we do not simply provide what is available - we provide what is required including:


  • Business development: s3africa provides comprehensive business development for companies wishing to register a new entity or establish a branch of an existing international company in Somalia. Services include: government liaison, company registration and compliance, virtual and shared offices, marketing and sales of services.
  • Project Planning and Management: This includes but is not limited to: systems development, drafting of legislation, process and related standard documentation for systems integration, client liaison, complete project planning, project coordination, procurement, human resource management, drafting of standard operating procedures and related documentation, operating procedures, payroll administration, logistics and movement coordination, operations management, training, EMS and technical backup.
  • Recruiting and Human Resource Management: S3AFRICA provides comprehensive recruiting, human resource management and payroll administration.
  • Close Protection (CP): A large portion of our core business entails the provision of comprehensive protection services for national and international clients in the corporate, entertainment and private sectors including: risk assessment, task and operational planning, task coordination, deployment and mobilisation, operations, review and reporting.
  • Personal Security Details (PSD)
  • Armed secure transfers and transport
  • Executive Protection (EP)
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Training: S3AFRICA provides training at all levels from static guarding to high risk response and tactical units both land and sea based operations. S3AFRICA instructors have vast experience is establishing new units including guarding divisions, asset protection details, riot and crowd control units, QRF, maritime counter piracy and response units and close protection / PSD teams.
  • Training provided by S3AFRICA includes:
  • CTU units
  • Corporate Executive Protection / Close protection / PSD
  • Basic to advanced level firearm training / Firearms, blunt and edged weapons integration
  • Crowd and riot control
  • High risk asset protection
  • Driver training
  • CQB
  • Quick response units (Land and sea based)
  • Maritime security / Counter piracy
  • Medical emergency extraction in hostile environments
  • Counter poaching units
  • S3AFRICA has full training center capability through associates in South Africa, Bulgaria and Slovenia.                           
  • Asset Protection: High risk asset protection including: vessels, vehicles, cash, gold, diamonds and chemicals. 
  • Risk Assessments and risk restructure proposals
  • Physical Security Measures
  • Technical Security Measures

Personnel Security:

  • Vetting
  • Security Orientation and Staff training including: 
  • Personal Security and Awareness (PSA)
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Travel Management and Security
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Techniques
  • Defensive Driving and Anti Ambush / Anti Hijacking Drills
  • IED/Explosive Threats and response
  • Extortion, Bribery, Kidnap and Ransom (K&R)
  • Missing Person Procedures
  • Information and Communications Security 
  • Incident Recovery and Relocation Drills
  • Extraction and Repatriation
  • Maritime Security and Counter Piracy
  • Counter Poaching
  • Information Security
  • Security Audits and Reviews
  • Incident Response and Support
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Logistical Support
  • Life Support:
  • Communications and General Administration





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