“Si vis pacem, para bellum”



Training is an essential part of maintaining service levels and growth of any company. S3AFRICA provides training at all levels from static guarding to high risk specialized asset protection.

S3AFRICA instructors have vast experience is establishing new units including guarding divisions, asset protection details, riot and crowd control units, QRF, maritime counter
piracy and response units and close protection teams.

Within existing units, S3AFRICA will assess current skill levels and knowledge, establish a training plan accordingly and thereby implement corrective training required. Continuation training programs will then be put in place to further enhance the effectiveness of the unit.All S3AFRICA employees undergo continuation training whilst employed at S3AFRICA. This is to ensure continued individual growth and thereby a better service to our clients. Training provided by S3AFRICA includes:


  • ü Basic to advanced tactical firearm training
  • ü Safety and Security principles and procedures
  • ü Corporate EP / High risk Close protection units
  • ü High risk asset protection units            
  • ü Maritime security units
  • ü Crowd and riot control units
  • ü Close Quarter combat (CQC)
  • ü Firearms, blunt and edged weapons integration
  • ü Crowd and riot control
  • ü Driver and vehicle procedures
  • ü Arrest, search and cuffing techniques
  • ü Mine Risk Education (MRE)
  • ü HEAT training   

Training programs are structured according to client requirement. Training is conducted on a national level at a 87 hectare training facility in South Africa. Facilities include classrooms, fire arm dealership, gun smithing facility, 300m rifle range, eight hand gun ranges, tyre and mock houses and jungle lane.
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